2011 – New Year Horoscope

April could be a rather strange month, in the sense that you mightn’t be your normal self. You’ll be more emotional than usual, and you won’t be quite as talkative.

However I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. You’re actually going to be stronger and more self-sufficient than you have been of late, and when dealing with other people you’ll be a lot more assertive. capricorn horoscope

At the same time you can deal with heavy-duty subjects, that not everyone can handle. So if there’s a matter that you’ve been meaning to deal with, which in the past had seemed too complicated, now is your chance to take the necessary steps.

Nonetheless, there will be times when things are a bit tense. Over the Easter weekend, from April 2 to 4, Venus is making a stressful aspect to Mars. Relationships could be very tense, and it won’t take much to create an argument.

Once the Easter weekend is over, the situation starts improving. You’ll become increasingly lucky, and through the power of your emotions you can make things happen.

Then on April 14 there’s a New Moon, which takes place in Aries, your opposite sign. From a relationship point of view this New Moon could be very important. It marks a new beginning, when the nature of your various relationships will completely change. And perhaps it’ll be necessary to follow your partner’s lead?

If you’re a single Libran, then someone could move into your life, quite unexpectedly. At first you might not be aware of the romantic implications of what’s going on, but the momentum will get stronger and stronger.

Over the weekend of April 17 and 18 Venus makes a favourable aspect to Jupiter. Everything comes together, perhaps when you’re doing something very routine. It becomes clear that you’re onto a winner, and at the same time there could be a financial bonus.

On April 25 Venus moves into Gemini. You’ll feel a big change, and for the rest of the month you’re going to be more relaxed, and your Libran sense of fun will return to its normal levels.

It’s therefore a good idea to go out of your way to enjoy yourself. You’ve got something to offer, and once you’re mixing with the right crowd just about anything is possible.

In terms of romance, the last days of April could be very significant. Passion and creativity can be vigorously mixed, to make a perfect cocktail.


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