An In Depth Look At The vivo V20


With the new generation smartphones, users are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying the best handset deals across the world. There are many brands like Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Nokia providing high end handsets at affordable prices. However, the OME VoiFiator is one of the most interesting handsets from OME VoiFi which has been launched recently by the Swedish company ODEON. The handset is a simple yet stylish device which comes loaded with VoiFi technology. Here’s how to buy online.

While purchasing the OME VoiFiator you need to check the model and the connectivity of the smartphone first. There are two different connectivity options which are provided by this handset – USB and LTE. Since we have already reviewed the ODEON ourselves, we will not discuss the differences between the two but will concentrate on the hardware features. The device is compatible with all major mobile networks in the European countries as well as the Asian countries and can be considered a global phone thanks to its dual SIM card slot.

The handset also comes with a fully functional Google Android interface and comes with an intuitive keyboard which is perfect for those who do not want to take much time learning the keyboard. The software is smooth and efficient and comes with tons of neat features like built in call record, contacts manager, dial tone, music player, alarm clock and many more. The innovative OME VoiFiator also features a stunning 33 wflash internal flash which powers the vivid and vibrant color display. To top it all, the device also comes with a built in battery which makes it even more convenient and long lasting. vivo v20

The battery life of the vivo v20 was one of the main drawbacks of the handset because many users complained that the battery life lasted for less than a day after the first charge. This has been fixed in the latest firmware updates of the handset and the battery life has improved considerably. Now the life span of the battery has increased to around 4 days easily. There was one significant drawback of the life of the battery however and that is while charging, the whole unit tends to shrink and consequently results in less volume and sound from the phone. In other words, the battery tends to be less useful in low volumes.

There was another problem faced by the vivo v20 and that is poor image quality when shooting videos. The solution to this problem was the usage of an external video capture device like the amoled digital camera. The amoled camera has an HDMI port which supports the capture of videos and audio with great clarity. Since the vivo v20 supports the video capturing using the amoled camera, the image quality was improved in this manner.

The other main highlight of the vivo v20 is the new feature called the Duo Camera. This allows the user to take a single snap or record two photos at the same time by putting the rear camera on the front side of the handset with the help of the USB cable. This dual camera functionality was one of the major reasons why this smartphone has been highly preferred by most of the users. The Duo Camera also acts as a fingerprint scanner which offers protection against fraudulent use.

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